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Issue #2 of The Return of Gaia Force
The comic is almost finished. Only one last page to draw and as of now, 15 pages are completely coloured and the lettering finished.

The comic should be ready to buy by June at the latest.

Issue #1 of the Return of Gaia Force
The comic book series is well under way. The art is done by Luis Rivera and the colours by EsComic!

The cover is coloured by Jorge Cortes.

Here is a preview of the cover:

The Return of Gaia Force
! have almost finished writing a six issue comic book series entitled, The Return of Gaia Force.

The story will take place 380 years after my novel, Grey Legacy.

New title from Iron Gate Comics.
I have started the editing of a new title from Iron Gate Comics.

The first issue of The Guardians of Creation is under way.

The first issue of The All Winners Society will be released shortly.

Editor for Iron Gate Comics
I am pleased to announce that I am once again a part of Iron Gate Comics.

Iron Gate Comics's creator Rodney Lockett, artist Joe de Santos and myself are working on the first issue of the All Winner's Society.

I am presently editing the issue and look forward to its completion.

No date, at this time , has been set for its ultimate release.

Gaia Force breaks the language barrier
The Gaia Force source book is finally available from, and

There a few versions of the book available at different prices. The higher quality version is only available from That version is printed on high quality paper and can be ordered as softcover, hardcover or hardcover with dust jacket.

The standard version can be found at Amazon and Createspace.It is only abailable as a softcover on standard paper.

A French version has also been produced. Being of French origin, I, myself translated the book.

Gaia Force Source Book
I am presently working on a new project which is essentially my Gaia Force website in book form.

This high quality book, will be available for purchase in three versions, hardcover, hardcover with dust jacket and soft cover.

The book will be available in January through

A French version will also be available.

Book finished
The first book in the Legacy Saga is now complete. In a few days the publishing process will begin and I expect the book to be available by the end of the month.

It will only be available from Amazon, for now, but will eventually be released through Kindle.

Release date
The release date of my first book has been delayed and pushed to December 2013 although there are chances that it will come to light earlier.

Book almost finished
As I write this, I have just finished my second to last chapter. One more chapter to go and the rewriting starts.

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