I am a Dawson College graduate living in Châteauguay, QC, Canada
​My first published work is my novel Grey Legacy. It is a SciFi space adventure with a superhero element.

​The Gaia Force Source Book was my second published work followed by my current series, The Return of Gaia Force, in comic book form.

I am also editor for Iron Gate Comics.

I started a couple of websites, the most​​​ popular of which is the NHD (New Heroes database). It features original characters from various creators.

My comics are self-published under the logo New Heroes Comics.​ The particularity of New Heroes Comics is that all books released under that banner will be simultaneously published in English and French. ​

My role in the creation of my comics is writer, editor, letterer and translator.​
Lawrenz Lano (Author) 
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